Registered Nurses (RN) work tirelessly dedicating themselves to serving the needs of patients as well as maintaining a better life for their families and their children’s goals and dreams. Most times, we think of them as Angels of Mercy and we forget that they are human and can fall victim to illness and even death. We expect them to take care of us in our crucial time of need, but do we show them the same consideration?

The Nurse’s Children Foundation, Inc. (NCF) is a non-profit organization committed to raising funds to financially benefit the sons and daughters who have suffered the loss of a parent in the nursing profession. NCF remembers and honors these RN’s by providing their families with resources, college scholarships, stipends, and various types of financial assistance so that they are not forgotten.

Maya Angelou once said to a nurse,

“They may forget your name but they will never forget how you made them feel.”

NCF understands that feeling, and it is with dedication and devotion that they support the RN’s grieving families and their children’s future.